Thursday, October 16, 2008

Transport and Taste: Cakes 1 and 2


So I put both cakes into Wilton 8 inch cake boxes, and discovered that the cakes were too tall! They don't close! So I had to tape down the lids at an angle. Then I loaded them into my SUV. One sat on the floor of the passenger seat, and the other on the floor behind my seat. As I learned on CakeCentral, never transport a cake on a vehicle seat.

Both cakes survived the 25 mile commute to my office, and it took two trips but I got them up to my office. The top of one was a little mushed when the board slid inside the box at one point, but it looked fine.

Both cakes sat in my office for four hours, until the meeting. Then I served Cake #1. Cake #2 came home with me, as there were other snacks and it turned out to be unnecessary. Half of Cake #1 was consumed, to general enjoyment. Slicing the cake was easier than anticipated, but one of my coworkers than sliced each piece in half again, so the pieces went farther. (The remaining half cake was eaten that afternoon and the next morning after going into the fridge.)

Cake #2 I popped into the fridge and took home, where my husband and I enjoyed it. The frosting recipe creator swore that it would hold up well and didn't need refrigeration, and since it sat out for about 5 hours total plus commute time and was still tasty, I'm inclined to believe her.

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Lady Aggie said...

Kris, I just read your non-alcoholic recipe for Wassail on P-Dub's site. Thank you for sharing it!! I'm going to make it for our family get-together this year. I'm hoping it will make my house smell warm and inviting.

Lady Aggie