Monday, September 14, 2009

Grocery Challenge: Week 2

For last week's results, read Week 1.

Fewer grocery trips this week, only Dominick's, Target, and Aldi. The biggest expense was diapers. Normally I would not buy the new premium diapers, but I happened to have $8 in coupons I could use for two boxes, plus Target was offering a $10 gift card I can roll toward more groceries later in the month. It worked out to a decent price per diaper, so we gave it a try.

1 doughnut, 5.5 lb country style pork ribs, 2 lb Bartlett pears, large pepperoni take 'n bake pizza
Total $13.10

3 pack Up and Up baby wipes, 1 pair toddler socks, 1 can sliced olives, small loaf French bread, 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios, 1.5 lb bananas, 3 pints coffee creamer (1 Intl. Delights, 2 Coffee-Mate), 2 quarts whole milk plain Dannon yogurt, 12 pack Cottonelle toilet paper, 2 value boxes Pampers Premium Absorbency diapers
Total $67.08

Dozen eggs
Total $.95

Total spent $87.03
Total saved $53.55

Sept. total $133.95
Sept. total savings $85.84

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kjmsts said...

Great blog, Kristy! Quick question - what is your "meal plan" for the week - breakfasts, lunches, dinners, snacks, etc.? Thanks!