Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October Groceries: Week 1

stockpile of free and nearly-free food

This week proves the point: the more you shop, the more you spend. Our family shopped a staggering 10 times this week. Part of that was chasing deals. I ran the Motts apple juice and applesauce deal at Target (buy 5 at $1.75, get a $5 gift card) twice, once for juice and once for applesauce. I was able to get natural, no-sugar-added products in both cases, and beat my best price in both cases.I also ran the Kellogg's Fiber/Antioxidant bar deal, for $.75 a box bars. I also made a special trip to Dominick's to pick up Hillshire Farm smoked sausages, which were buy one get one free and I had a coupon, making each sausage $1.75. I can get two entrees out of each sausage, so these are a great value for us.

Regardless, I shopped at Target five times. That is embarrassing! Like I said, I did work three deals, and I went to two stores looking for a particular hoodie, but that's no excuse.

The total for this week? $140.84. Eek. Total saved? $65.94.

Now does this mean that I kept last month's total down by deliberately not buying things we needed? No, it just means I overshopped this week! Next week will be better.

This week's budget busters: 12-pack Leinenkugel beer ($10.99), Kellogg's Fiber Plus bars (5 boxes for $9.33 - $5 gift card), 12 oz. vanilla ($6.88), and Halloween candy ($7.99).

As you can see from the photo, my stockpile is still full. This week, I'm staying out of Target except for necessities.

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Carrie said...

lol it's always beer or wine that busts our budget too. Lucky for me (not for him!) my husband got gout and gave me a good reason not to buy beer for him.