Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October Groceries: Week 2

Week 2 was a much bigger success. I did break my promise not to go to Target, but I only bought more apple juice.  So yes, I look like a crazy lady because now I have 10 bottles of apple juice. However, daycare always asks for apple juice, Owen likes it, and I'll use some of it for the wassail I make for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Each bottle saved me at least $.50 and I was able to buy the Mott's Natural apple juice without added sugar.

5 64 oz. bottles of Mott's Natural apple juice
Total: $3.82 (used $5 gift card)
Saved: $6.45 (+ got another $5 gift card)

Sam's Club:
2.5 lb coffee beans, 3 gallons of milk, 4 lb of butter, 11 lb of spare ribs
Total: 38.44

10 lb russet potatoes, 7 cups Yoplait yogurt, 4 boxes Ronzoni Healthy Harvest pasta, 6 boxes Ronzoni Smart Harvest pasta
Total: $6.47
Saved: $24.55

Clearly, the winners this week were the $.75 apple juice at Target, the $.88 5 lb bags of potatoes, $.36 cups of yogurt, and $.20 boxes of pasta. The apple juice came with a gift card for buying five and the potatoes were simply on sale. The yogurt was on sale for $.50, plus I had a coupon for $.50 off six and another coupon for a free cup if you buy six. Together that brought the price down to $.36 each. (I also have coupons for $.60 off 3 Yoplait Whips, which I will use at Jewel this week because the yogurt is still on sale.) We'll bring yogurts with lunch and have no problem eating it all. The pasta was on sale for $1 each. There was also an advertised deal: buy $10 of participating products, get $3 back. Then I also had coupons from for $1 off 2. I was able to print five of them between my home and work computers. That made each box $.20. You can't beat that. We'll use this assortment of rotini, penne, and spaghetti for months.

What did we eat for dinner this week?  Braised beef with potatoes and green beans, chicken pot pie, chicken soup (at a friend's), and chili.

Week 2 Total: $48.73
Week 2 Savings: $31.00

October Total: $189.57
October Savings: $96.94

While obviously this month won't be another $224 month, we're still on target to spend $400 for the month despite going so far over budget in the first week. One slip-up does not have to torpedo your budget!

I was also able to donate some items to the food drive at daycare this week, most of which I got for free.

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