Wednesday, October 21, 2009

October Groceries: Week 3

GM-Pillsbury Catalina Round 1

We've been coping with various colds and sickness here, so we've been eating a lot of homemade chicken noodle soup!

This week I managed to take advantage of some pretty good Catalina deals at Jewel. (Catalina deals are when the register prints a coupon for money off your next purchase. You earn Catalinas by buying a certain number of a type of product.) This week Jewel was offering $10 off your next purchase if you bought $25 of General Mills products on the back page of their ad. The key is that the $25 was not the preferred card price. So even though 3 cans of Progresso soup were on sale for $5, they counted for $8.90 toward the Catalina deal. This particular deal was made even sweeter because Pillsbury dough products were included.... and there was a separate Catalina deal on Pillsbury dough products. This deal was buy 6 get $4 off.

I worked this deal twice. The first time, I bought six packages of crescent rolls (pre-card price 3/$9.50 = $19 toward my $25, 3/$5 with card), plus two packages of Simply Cookies (2/$7.90 pre-card price, 2/$5 with card). I also bought seven cups of Yoplait yogurt because they were on sale and I had good coupons. I had $4.50 in coupons for the crescent rolls, $2.50 for the cookie dough, and $1.20 for the yogurt. I paid $10.12, saved $21.24, and got $14 in coupons for my next order.

GM-Pillsbury Catalina round 2

For my second order, I had less favorable Pillsbury coupons, but decent Progresso soup coupons. I bought three packages of cinnamon rolls (3/$9.50 pre-card, 3/$5 with card), four packages of crescent rolls, and five cans of soup. I had $3 in coupons for the soup and $2.75 for the dough. I also had the $14 from my first order. I paid $.95 out of pocket, saved $33.25, and got another $14 in Catalinas to be used in the next two weeks.

So for $11.07, I got 10 packages of crescent rolls, 3 packages of cinnamon rolls, 5 cans of soup, and 7 cups of yogurt. And I still have $14 to spend at Jewel. The dough will freeze, and we'll eat the rolls with soup, pot pie, stews, etc. all winter.

Other shopping included Target, Aldi, and Dominick's.

V8 Fusion juice, 1 lb carrots, 1 pint of Coffee-Mate, aluminum foil, a gift bag, and four packages of Halloween Oreos
Total: $9.02 (used $5 gift card from Mott's deal last week)
Saved: $9.80

1 huge pumpkin, big box of old fashioned oats, shortening, bag of meatballs, pint of whipping cream, 3 lb of gala apples, jug of vegetable oil, 12 oz of string cheese
Total: $17.22

2 boxes Cheerios, 1 bag Doritos, 6.5 lb whole pork loin, 2 lb carrots, 12 oz raspberries, 1 large pepperoni pizza
Total: $26.76 (used 10% off coupon from flu shot)
Saved: $45.24

Week 3 Total: $64.07
Week 3 Saved: $109.53

October Total: $253.64
October Saved: $206.47

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