Monday, October 5, 2009

Pediasure Rebate Problems

I've sent in four mail-in rebates in the past two months:
  • try Pediasure free
  • Home Depot $5 off paint (I repainted our living room)
  • $10 off Kellogg's Fuel for School rebate
  • $20 off Kraft rebate
Home Depot hasn't come yet, but should in the next two weeks. The other three have all arrived. Things were going just swimmingly until I got a notice through Mint that I'd been charged $10 by my bank for a "returned deposit." When I checked, I saw that it was the Pediasure check. So not only did I not get the $11.99 back, but my bank charged me $10 (as if I would expect that check to bounce!).

This rebate was processed through CMS, a rebate processor. I contacted them via their website today, and supposedly will hear back in 3-5 business days. We'll see if they're willing to make this right.

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