Saturday, October 24, 2009

Saturday Links: Tips and Tricks from Some of My Favorite Blogs

Money Saving Mom shared this guest post about maximizing your time and money by freezing meals ahead.
Maximize Your Freezer's Potential and Minimize Freezer Burn

Wise Bread's Linsey Knerl posted some great tips for reducing your grocery bill.
101 Ways to Take a Bite Out of Your Food Budget

Melissa at Saving Cents With Sense posted these super handy tips for coupon printing problems. These have basically eliminated my problems with
Tips for Coupon Printing Problems

Carrie Kirby of Frugalista and Wise Bread posted some tips for saving enough on meat to buy a chest freezer. Our family uses a stand-up freezer, and I can't recommend having a separate freezer enough. It really gives us the freedom to buy larger quantities at Sam's Club and at the grocery store when sales are good. As a result, I never pay more than $2 a pound for meat.
Save Enough on Meat to Buy a Chest Freezer

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