Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Freezer Cooking Day; Baking Recap

King Arthur Flour potato bread

After the 18-hour rest in the refrigerator suggested in the recipe, I divided the potato bread dough into one medium and one large loaf pan, then let them rise. Rather than just leaving them in the kitchen, I boiled some water and put the cup of water and both loaf pans into the microwave for two hours. (Not on, of course!) That produced a good rise, but I also reheated the water and popped the pans in again for another hour. That brought both pans up and above the lip of the pans, so I baked them for 45 minutes (the last ten minutes covered with foil to avoid overbrowning).

The result is a sturdy, tasty sandwich loaf that slices and toasts well. I've got one in the fridge and one popped into the freezer.

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