Sunday, November 15, 2009

November Groceries: Week 2

This was a pretty light shopping week. I only ran the Jewel Catalina deal one more time, giving me a grand total of six trips during the sale. I ended up saving about $170 and paying about $37. Not exactly blackbelt level frugal, but fabulous for me considering I messed up the deal once. I also still have $25 in Catalinas to use in the next 10 days. Those will probably go toward Thanksgiving meal items.

dozen donuts, large cheese pizza
Total: $10.15
Saved: $3.50

1 5lb bag of flour, 2 13oz boxes of potato buds (potato flakes I'll use in bread), 2 jars peanut butter, 6 cans of soup, 2 boxes of cake mix
Total: $4.04
Saved: $29.70

1 bag of meatballs, 5 8oz blocks of cream cheese (on sale for $.79 each), jar of sprinkles, 2lb brown sugar
Total: $8.10

1 gallon milk, bottle of multi-vitamins, 3 lb bananas
Total: $4.33 (saved $11.53 returning a bottle of recalled Children's Tylenol)

jumbo of Up and Up diapers, 64 oz bottle of cranberry juice, 3 pints of Coffee-Mate (on sale plus coupon, $.50 each), cold medicine, 2 bottles V-Fusion (one I'll be returning because she didn't scan my coupon), 2.33 lb honeycrisp apples, gift bag, 12 oz bacon
Total: $25.44
Saved: $9.58

Week 2 Total: $52.08
Week 2 Savings: $42.78

Month-to-Date Total: $163.81
Month-to-Date Savings: $230.71

Halfway through November, we're $36 under budget, have $25 to spend next week with no impact on our budget, and have tons of soup to eat when sick or in need of a fast lunch. I also have 13 cartons of broth to use in recipes or making homemade soup, and 40 lb of flour to make our bread and Christmas cookies with.

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