Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Frugal Finds and Having "Enough"

Even in the midst of the Pantry Challenge, this week I bought 10 lb of boneless pork sirloin chops ($.99 a lb) and 6 boxes of fruit snacks ($.10 each after sale, coupons, and Catalina). Today I planned to go to another store and stock up on $.99 Campbell's Chunky soup ($.74 each after coupons). Then I took a good hard look at our pantry. We have at least 15 cans of soup left. Do we really need more?

The logical answer is that no, we don't need more. Campbell's usually only goes on a really good sale like this once or twice a year, and odds are good that the other grocery store I shop at will have this same sale in a few weeks. However, the regular price at Target is $1.50. While $.50 each is a great savings, how much is it worth to have it taking up space in my house? We generally reserve canned soup for episodes of illness or quick lunches at work on days we forget to pack a heartier meal.

As the still quite full pantry and the $130 I've spent on groceries this month attests, we have "enough." In fact, we have probably too much.

Next time you're tempted to stock up on a great deal, ask yourself: Will I use this?Do I have room for this? Will I run out of this item before it goes on sale again? Is this really the lowest price? Do I have money in my budget?

If you can genuinely answer yes, buy it and revel in your frugal find.

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