Saturday, January 2, 2010

Why I'm Doing the Freezer/Pantry Cooking Challenge

In the last five months, I've found and taken advantage of a lot of good deals. But my house is not big, I have no basement, and the stockpile is taking over. Here's my stockpile. It's not pretty.


This is my "pantry," a Rubbermaid cabinet purchased years ago when we lived in a garden apartment near campus. And that stuff down next to it? That's baking supplies, potatoes, and sweet potatoes.

Baking goods and potatoes

In the playroom, we also have this Rubbermaid tub full of cereal, cookies, crackers, and a case of tomato paste.

Cereal, crackers, cookies, peanut butter, tomato paste

In the "dining room," which actually has a bookcase and a desk in it, we have all this. A tub of Halloween Oreos, juice, crackers, and pasta.

Cookies, juice, pasta

Box of cereal, flour, cake mix, and stuffing cubes.

Cereal, flour, cake mix, stuffing cubes

Box of Progresso soups and a jug of peanut oil.

Soup and a jug of peanut oil

Beef and chicken broth, soup mix, and fruit snacks.

Beef and chicken broth, soup mix, fruit snacks

Box of more soups, canned green beans (the only canned veg I buy), and canned fruit.

Canned fruit, veggies, and sparkling juice

And then there's the kitchen freezer.

Kitchen Freezer

And the garage freezer. That big bag on the second shelf is a smoked turkey.

Garage Freezer
Garage Freezer Door


Christine said...

I love your stockpile. Way to go on accomplishing a terrific goal.

a King's daughter said...

I like your creativity in storing your stockpile. We have a small house, though probably not as small as your apartment. Ours is 1400 sq. fee total. Anyway, we have stuff stored under the bed! Whatever works, right? Be blessed.

Kris said...

Actually, our house is about 1400 sq ft too. No attic and I like to actually park in my garage, so I have to get creative!