Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Bad Day in the Frugal Kitchen

Yesterday was just one of those days where just about everything went wrong. It happens, and when it does, it's important not to get discouraged. (I mean, seriously, when I was about 12 I mistook powdered sugar for flour and ruined a whole batch of stew.)

My first mistake was misreading a new recipe and putting in a Tablespoon of salt instead of a teaspoon. Luckily the dough (honey oatmeal bread) tasted fine, but as the day progressed, I realized that the dough was not rising. I put it in the microwave with a cup of hot water to facilitate a quick rise, which generated only a little rising. It didn't help that my kitchen was quite cold.

I did eventually bake the loaf, which is dense like a quick bread but still tasty.

Next, I decided to make cider pork stew in the crockpot. Alas, I failed to notice for three hours that I had forgotten to plug the crockpot in. FAIL. So I threw away $4 of diced pork roast, quickly defrosted some of the pork sirloin chops I bought a couple weeks ago, and started over. Instead of using the crockpot, I put everything into my dutch oven, got it started on the stovetop, and then cooked in the oven at 275 for 3.5 hours. It's not the prettiest dish I've ever made, but it is tasty.

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