Thursday, February 4, 2010

January Groceries: Totals

Thanks to the purchase of two pizzas in week 5, our total for the month was $203.56, with a total savings of $176.88.

This is definitely the lowest month since I started tracking, but it also made me realize that we have so much stocked up that I can and should try to reduce our monthly budget down to $350.

Because I do include diapers and some toiletries, my totals will fluctuate a lot. For instance, I bought razor blades this month. Those were $18, but I buy them maybe once a year. I also had to buy vitamins in January, and will need to do that in February as well as large bottles begin to run out. In February, I will also need to buy new heads for my Sonicare brush, at about $25 total.

The goal for February: $350 total, and more eating out of the pantry. Since so many people swear by it, I will start doing some rudimentary meal planning. A great place to start is the list of possible meals I posted last month. There are still several I haven't cooked. Duck, for one. My husband conned me into buying a $.99/lb whole duck on clearance, and I have no clue how to cook it.

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