Friday, June 24, 2011

Cooking the Deals: June 23-29

Beautiful produce deals this week!

Jewel: bratwurst ($1.99 lb), green seedless grapes ($.99 lb), asparagus ($1.99 lb), Dannon yogurt ($2 each minus coupons + free milk if you buy 4), Brownberry bread (buy one get one free), Athenos Greek yogurt ($1 - coupons)

Dominicks: Fresh Express salads ($.99), peaches ($.99 lb), red and green seedless grapes ($.99), Beef Whole Flat Bottom Round ($1.99 lb), Brownberry bread (buy one get one free), butter ($2.49 lb with in-ad coupon)

Aldi: peaches, plums, nectarines ($.29 each), strawberries ($.99 lb), canteloupe ($.99), blueberries ($1.69 pint unadvertised)

Garden Fresh: peaches ($.88 lb), medium dozen eggs ($1/2), chicken drumsticks ($.59 lb), 73/27 ground beef ($1.89 lb), pork shoulder roast ($1.89 lb), Braeburn and Fuji apples ($.88 lb), Dannon, Chobani, and Athenos Greek yogurt ($.99)

Suggested dishes:

Grilled bratwursts
Rachel Ray's Bacon-wrapped asparagus
Strawberry salad
Sweet and sour drumstricks
Grilled Pork Chops with Nectarine Salsa
Pioneer Woman's Beer Braised Beef with Onions
Pioneer Woman’s Peach Crisp
(Pork Shoulder) Mexican Carnitas
Spice House Pulled Pork

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