Thursday, June 9, 2011

Did You Know? Sam's Club

Did you know that you can check prices on many items at Sam's Club through their website? It doesn't work for everything (bakery and most meat items especially), but it's a great tool for comparing prices of bulk staples like flour, frozen items like chicken breasts, and especially refrigerated items like eggs and milk.
Just go to their website, type the item you're looking for in the search window (keep it generic for best results), then look at the results list. You'll need to choose your club to get in-club prices. This is a great tool when planning a Sam's Club trip. It's too easy to overspend at clubs like this, so checking prices will help you know in advance if that cheese or bacon is a deal before you buy 3 lb. of bacon or 5 lb. of shredded cheese.  Since prices change frequently, you will want to check prices before every trip. Two months ago, 3 lb. of Hormel thick-sliced bacon was a great deal at my local club. A month ago, the price went up $2, making it more expensive than buying individual pounds of the same bacon at SuperTarget.

One more fantastic feature at Sam's is "Click 'n Pull" service. If the items you want are on the website, you can add them to a click 'n pull order. Put everything you want in your online shopping cart, then follow the directions to set them as a click 'n pull order. Someone in the store will pull all your items, place them in a cart, and they will be held at the front of the store for you. You set a pick-up date and time (as early as the next day) and pay when you pick up. Not everything is available for Click 'n Pull, but many items are, and using this service can save you big. How? Less time in the club means more time for other errands and fewer impulse purchases in the club. 

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