Monday, June 13, 2011

Jewel Shopping: Freebies, Sales, and Catalinas = $$ Savings

This week Jewel is running a promo: buy 5 Oscar Mayer items and get $5 off. Right now there's also a secondary Catalina on lunchmeat, but I took a look and decided to skip the Catalina. Instead, I bought:
1 Deli Fresh Combo (Kraft First Taste free coupon)
1 Deli Creations (Kraft First Taste free coupon)
1 turkey bacon ($2.99 - $.75 coupon= $2.24)
2 Lunchables with fruit ($2.79 x2=$5.58 - 2x $1 internet printable coupons = $3.38)
= $5.62 - $5 off= $.62 total.

I also bought 4 boxes of Mrs. T's pierogies buy one at $3.49 get one free (saved $6.98), 5 lb of ground beef on sale for $1.98 a lb. (special sale at my Jewel because of a competing store opening nearby), a 3 lb chub of ground turkey on sale, a gallon of milk (free with Catalina from cookies and milk deal going through Wednesday), a quart of Mountain High yogurt (on sale for $2.50 + $1 off coupon), and 3 tubs of Athenos greek yogurt (on sale for $1 + buy 2 get 1 free coupon).

Total paid: $23.03
Total saved: $39.73

After all that shopping, dinner tonight was simple.
Turkey burgers (ground turkey mixed with breadcrumbs and Gateway to the North maple sugar seasoning from Spice House) with Trader Joe's cranberry apple butter on Hawaiian sandwich rolls ($.49 at Dominicks last week) with sweet potato fries (free with Facebook coupon) and watermelon ($2.99 at Aldi).

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