Monday, December 14, 2009

December Groceries: Week 2

Finally, a week well under budget! This week we ate crockpot cranberry pork with rice and veggies, meatballs in gravy with latkes, and pizza. We also had one night out at my husband's company holiday party. I also tried out More on that later.

100 oz All Free and Clear, 20 ct box Stash lemon ginger tea, 100 ct pack of Pampers Kandoo flushable wipes
Total: $4.75
Saved: $7.50 (including $5 off introductory gift card purchased with Swagbucks)

candy cane cremes cookies, 10 lb potatoes ($.99), 2 gallons of milk, 12 ct spiral string cheese, 1 tube buttermilk biscuits, pint of whipping cream, 1.5 lb turkey ham, mini marshmallows, 2 lb brown sugar, 6 lb powdered sugar ($.95 per 2 lb bag), 2 bags semi-sweet chocolate chips, 1 package white almond bark coating
Total: $24.06

2 bags dark chocolate coins, two 2 liter bottles of soda, 2 8oz blocks of extra sharp cheddar ($.99), 2 8 oz blocks sharp cheddar ($.99), 8 oz block of mozzarella ($.99), 5.5 lb pork shoulder roast ($.99 per pound), 2 ham hocks ($1.60), 2.6 lb bananas ($.37/lb), large cheese pizza
Total: $25.84
Savings: $19.10

Christmas napkins, pound of bacon, 7 pints of Coffee Mate assorted holiday flavors ($.99), 1 cantaloupe ($1.29)
Total: $7.75
Savings: $23.02

12 oz coffee beans, 2 dozen eggs ($.99), cup of yogurt, plastic wrap
Total: $5.51
Savings: $11.62

Week 2 Total: $67.91
Week 2 Savings: $60.24

December to date Total: $175.82
December to date Savings: $91.80

Among my favorite deals of the week was the eggs at $.99 at Target plus I had a buy one get one free coupon, so I paid $.48 a dozen. We go through tons of eggs, and they're good for about a month after the date on the carton. My other favorite deal was the coffee creamer. I love the holiday flavors, especially pumpkin spice. We drink coffee at home rather than paying for it elsewhere. This week creamer was $.99. I had a $1 off 2 coupon, so I bought three pumpkin spice pints on Saturday. I paid $2 for 3 bottles, so $.66 each. Sunday night I signed into Coffee Mate's site, where their coupons had reset. I was able to print both coupons twice. One was for $1.50 off 2, the other was for $1 off 1. I went back to Jewel on Tuesday and used both $1.50 coupons. I bought four bottles and paid $1.03 including tax. Each bottle cost me $.26, and they don't expire until February at the earliest.

Next up: review and a flurry of baking for the holidays

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