Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Groceries: Week 1

Well, we had two big budget busters this week: snacks for daycare and diapers. Snacks follow a rough schedule, but I'm never sure what they'll ask for. Sometimes I have almost everything they ask for, and other times I have nothing. This time I had a jar of applesauce, but had to buy Fritos, deli-sliced cheddar, 2 bottles of juice, and 1 box of graham crackers (I bought cinnamon ones last week). I bought everything at Aldi because I could and Aldi's Fritos are awesome (and $1.29).

1 box of Good Earth tea, bottle of Grandma's molasses ($3.45), 7 lb boneless skinless chicken breasts
Total: $12.46
Savings: $10.01

1 box of graham crackers, 1 package of deli-sliced cheddar, 1 bag of Fritos, 2 64 oz bottles of apple juice, 2 gallons of milk, box of candy canes, cupcake cups, butter flavored shortening, 1 tin of baking cocoa, 2 2lb bags of brown sugar, 3 lb sweet potatoes, 1 summer sausage (stocking stuffer), packet of chili seasoning mix, 2 packages of chocolate bark coating, 1 bag of milk chocolate chips, 2 lb unsalted butter, 2 cartons of egg nog
Total: $36.06

2 jumbos Up and Up diapers, 2 pints coffee creamer, 2 big packs of Pampers
Total: $47.23
Savings: $16.88 (plus a $5 giftcard to use later)

3.2 lb Braeburn apples, 1 bottle of bacon salt (stocking stuffer), 2 bottles of Grandma's molasses ($2.75!)
Total: $11.66
Savings: $4.67

Week 1 Total: $107.41
Week 1 Savings: $31.56

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