Wednesday, December 2, 2009

November Groceries: Week 4

Better late than never! I couldn't find one of my receipts until this morning, hence the lack of update.

In Week 4, I spent far more than I expected to, despite eating leftovers from Thanksgiving most of the week. This week's budget was sunk by little extras for Thanksgiving (sparkling grape juice, cinnamon rolls), baking supplies for Christmas cookies, and stocking stuffers.

cupcake papers, 7 lb ice, 5.6 lb whole duck (on clearance for $.99 a lb, but I didn't notice the original price), large pizza
Total: $17.28 (no savings, ouch!)

2 gallons of milk, box of graham crackers, 2 packages almond bark, 2 bags cranberries, bag of peanut butter chips, bag of butterscotch chips, 2 bags semi-sweet chocolate chips, 2 bags milk chocolate chips, 30-pack of fruit snacks, bag of cheddar bacon potato skins, gallon of peanut oil (clearance for $4.99!), can of mini raviolis, package of Christmas sparkling sugar, box of generic Grape Nuts, 2 cans of tuna, silicone basting brush
Total: $36.34

150 oz All Free and Clear, chocolate advent calendar, Lifesavers sweet storybook gummis, Snowflake Ritz crackers, 2 bottles of sparkling juice, can of ground decaf coffee, white pearl cake decors, bag of frozen peas, bag of frozen corn, 3 rolls of cinnamon rolls, dozen eggs, 2 pints of Coffee Mate, bigger tub of spreadable butter, 10x15 padded mailer, roll of package tape, tin of Mickey Mouse playing cards, 4 cans of assorted fruit, 8 cans of assorted canned vegetables, toilet bowl cleaner, 1 lb celery, 1 yellow onion, 1 donut, .89 lb granny smith apples, 1.92 lb Braeburn apples, 1 cup of vanilla yogurt, 500 Q-tips, 12 inch cooking tongs, package of Thanksgiving napkins
Total: $65.69
Saved: $24.59

Week 4 Total: $119.31
Week 4 Savings: $24.59

November Total: $377.94
November Savings: $322.74

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