Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December Groceries: Week 4

Week 4 brought us Christmas. In our house, we ate pasta and beans with ham hocks (aka modified pasta fagiole) then ate a lot of Christmas ham. For Christmas morning breakfast, we ate fauxnuts (donuts made from biscuit dough) and bacon. Yes, it was highly porky holiday. We also indulged a little at Trader Joe's since we were nearby one and only get there a few times a year.

jumbo pack of Up and Up diapers, 3 pack of Up and Up wipes, 2 lb Great Northern beans, 1 lb elbow pasta, 12 oz coffee beans, 11.4 lb smoked turkey
Total: $30.23
Savings: $6.00

3 rolls of buttermilk biscuits, 2 gallons skim milk, 2 cans of mini ravioli, chocolate Santa

12 pack generic Dr. Pepper, box of Hanukkah candles (for next year), 11 lb spiral sliced ham, 5 lb box of clementines, whole pineapple, 4 pack Kahlua Mudslides
Total: $22.67
Saved: $34.45

Trader Joe's:
organic maple syrup, toasted sesame oil, steel cut oatmeal, box of truffles, bag of harvest grains mix, fruit jelly candies, gnocchi
Total: $25.24

Week 4 Total: $86.04
Week 4 Savings: $40.45

December Total-to-date: $273.16
December Savings-to-date: $132.25

This won't be our lowest month of the year, but it's not bad considering how many baked goods I made this month for us and for friends. In January, we'll be doing a freezer and pantry challenge along with Money Saving Mom.

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