Friday, January 1, 2010

December Groceries: Week 5

In the three days of Week 5, I stocked up a bit for my contributions to a New Year's Eve party as well as taking advantage of some combining expiring coupons with sales. I received a new coupon organizer for Christmas, so I should have less trouble with missing or forgotten coupons. (I was using a 3X5 photo album, not the best system.)

gallon of milk, bottle of spray whiped cream, 2 boxes mac and cheese bites, 2 rolls of buttermilk biscuits, 1 box candy cane Oreos, 2 dozen eggs, 3 cloves of garlic, 12 oz baking chocolate, chocolate cookie pie crust, bottle of ginger garlic sauce, can of vanilla frosting,
Total: $18.68

2 bottle of Method holiday handsoap, 8 pack AA batteries, 2 bags of Garden Cheddar Goldfish, 1 bottle of apple juice, 2 packages of lunch meat, 3 cans of chili with beans, 1 box of hot chocolate mix, 6 cups of yogurt, 2 25 ct Kotex
Total: $23.91
Savings: $24.19

3 8oz blocks of cheese, 2 packages of little smokies, 1.5 lb apples
Total: $8.90
Savings: $10.79

Week 5 Total: $51.49
Week 5 Savings: $34.98

December Total: $324.65
December Savings: $167.23

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