Friday, January 29, 2010

January Groceries: Week 4

Despite my best efforts, there were things we ran out of or were way too good a deal to pass up. As a result, we spent $87.29 this week. Of that, $42.95 was food.

2 pints of gingerbread Coffee-Mate (clearance + coupon = free), 4 bags Goldfish ($.88), 6 boxes fruit snacks ($.10 each after sale, coupon, and Catalina), 11 lb boneless pork sirloin chops ($.99 lb), 2 boxes of pasta (ditalini and mini-fusillis), 2 lb fuji apples, 5 lb potatoes ($.99)
Total: $13.37
Savings: $70.72

2 gallons of milk, dozen eggs, 2 lb carrots, bag of barbecue potato chips, whole pineapple
Total: $10.58

Sam's Club:
2 bottles of V-Fusion juice, 3 lb bananas, 40 oz bag of coffee beans
Total: $19.00

body wash, 8-pack Mach 3 razor blades, 3 jumbo packs of Huggies
Total: $44.34
Savings: $15.00

Week 4 Total: $87.29
Week 4 Savings: $85.72

January Total-to-date: $193.87
January Savings-to-date: $168.41

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Lin said...

I'm still using up last year's free Gingerbread Coffeemate in my oatmeal in the morning! It was 50 cents and I know I had a coupon. Did you see the great deal on Quaker Oatmeal at Jewel this week? If you have some of the $1 coupons it is 35cents for the Large box of oats. I'm on my way to stock up. (must buy 5)
Have a great weekend!