Tuesday, February 23, 2010

February Groceries: Week 3

Well, no trouble staying under budget this week! We ate leftover pizza, smoked turkey noodle soup (made with stock I made weeks ago and froze), and homemade bacon macaroni and cheese. My wonderful husband also made me a fudge truffle cheesecake for my birthday, using ingredients we already had in the house.

This week we only shopped twice, both times at Aldi. Once was for milk and ingredients for a coffee cake to take to work (in my office you provide goodies on your birthday), and the second time was for milk and snacks for daycare.

3 gallons skim milk, 12 oz. chopped pecans, dozen eggs, yellow cake mix, 6 ct bagels, 1 lb sliced turkey lunchmeat, 2 cans mini ravioli, 2 64 oz bottles of apple juice, large jar of mild salsa, bag of white tortilla chips, box of generic rice Chex
Total: $23.95

That brings us well under budget for both the week and the month, and leaves me nearly $150 to spend this week if needed.

February Total-to-date: $200.73
February Savings-to-date: $69.59

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