Thursday, March 18, 2010

March Groceries: Week 2

Yet another light week of shopping here, and another week under budget.  We ate pizza, baked chicken with rice and peas, chili, and homemade chicken pot pie.

AAA batteries, granola bars, vegetable bouillon, tortillas, dry kidney beans, canned black beans, Banquet chicken pot pie, frozen breakfast sausage, DiGiorno 200-calorie pizza (free), kid's toothbrush, toilet paper, birthday card
Total: $25.72
Savings: $8.19

2 64 oz bottles of Motts Natural apple juice, 2 packages string cheese, 3.5 lb corned beef, cheese pizza
Total: $18.17
Savings: $12.88

small chicken pot pie, 2 gallons skim milk, 3 lb bananas, 5 lb sugar
Total: $14.86

Week 2 Total: $52.29
Week 2 Savings: $21.07

March Total-to-date: $92.07 ($82.93 under budget)
March Savings-to-date: $25.51

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