Friday, April 16, 2010

April Groceries: Weeks 1 and 2

With Easter and everything going on, I missed posting Week 1! Obviously we ate a lot of ham that week. I also tried my hand at freezer cooking twice. I made two batches of chicken pot pie and froze both, then I made two pans of lasagna. We ate one (amazing) and froze one. For those interested, Aldi carries 2 gallon freezer bags, which are great for freezing 9x13 pans of food. 

Week 1:

whole pineapple, frozen chicken pot pie, 5 lb ground beef (with $2 off coupon), 2 bottles apple juice, tortilla chips, jar of mild salsa, 2 cans light fruit cocktail, Reese's peanut butter eggs (juice, chips, salsa, and fruit cocktail were for daycare snacks)
Total: $17.55

mild Italian sausage, 5 lb whole wheat flour, frozen peas, frozen corn, potato and cheddar pierogis, Banquet breakfast sausages, 6 French toast bagels, dozen eggs, coffee creamer, cup of yogurt, 2 lb. brown rice, lasagna noodles, manicotti noodles, 8.5 lb spiral-sliced ham, 2 pouches tuna (free), 2 bottles of flouride mouthwash (clearance)
Total: $36.72
Saved: $11.81

2 lb strawberries, 4.7 lb sweet potatoes
Total: $6.40
Savings: $3.71

Week 1 Total: $60.67
Week 1 Savings: $15.52

3 gallons of milk, 2 lb bananas, 2 lb carrots, 2 cans mini ravioli, raspberry fruit spread (no HFCS), Reese's peanut butter eggs, 3 boxes 2 gallon freezer bags, 1 box 1 gallon freezer bags, sweet gummi bunnies, frozen chicken pot pie, frozen fruit bars, fudge bars, canned whipped cream
Total: $26.63

Sargento shredded parmesan, 2 lb strawberries, 5 lb clementines
Total: $9.03
Savings: $10.81

Easter candy, 2 bottles of V8 Fusion juice
Total: $5.98
Savings: $6.20

large can of sliced olives, 1 lb Fuji apples, 3 Degree men's deoderants (clearanced), bottle of generic Tylenol
Total: $10.70

Week 2 Total: $52.34
Week 2 Savings: $17.01

April Total-to-date: $113.01 ($61.99 under budget)
April Savings-to-date: $32.53