Tuesday, April 6, 2010

March Groceries: Week 4

March finished up with a trip to Sam's Club, which are never cheap. Our grocery spending has gone down with fewer trips to this mega-store. It's not because prices are high, but because each item ends up being so large.

cantaloupe, 5 lb bananas, 3 pounds butter, pie crust, jumbo biscuits, 3 tubs of ricotta, 2 gallons of milk, 2 bags of peanut puffs, confetti cake mix, 2 boxes macaroni and cheese, 2 lb elbow macaroni, fudge brownie mix, iodized salt, plastic Easter eggs
Total: $28.47

Sam's Club:
2 gallons of milk, 5 lb shredded mozzarella, 20 cocktail croissants, 40 oz coffee beans, 150 kitchen trash bags, 2 bottles of V-Fusion juice, 105 oz can of tomato sauce, 2 gallons of vinegar
Total: $51.38

Week 4 Total: $79.85
Savings: $0

March Total: $240.77 ($109.23 under budget)
March Savings: $38.49

One trend that's easy to see over the last three months that has resulted in vastly reduced grocery bills is that I'm shopping less frequently. We are still eating some items out of our surplus. I've discovered that I vastly overbought on snacky/sugary cereals (Count Chocula in particular), goldfish crackers, and cookies. Bulk purchases that worked out well over the months were the 20+ cans of soup, which are almost gone, the chicken and beef broth (the chicken is totally gone, but I overbought a little on the beef), and 40 lb of flour (using up the last bag now). Easy lunches and ingredients, rather than prepared treats, got eaten first.

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